Pristine Clean

Pristine Clean

Pristine Clean & How It Works

Once you’ve received service from Helix Carpet Cleaning we’ll be here to help keep those beautiful carpets looking their best. When you have your home’s carpets cleaned it’s a refreshing and wonderful feeling, but what about 3-months from then when you have an accidental spill? Most companies would simply return for their standard visit. However, with Helix Carpet Cleaning you have a 1-year period of unlimited carpet cleanings for a $55 base charge and only $5/room. Best of all, there are no blackout dates. Note: The Pristine Clean Warranty is only available for “Refresh” package orders with a minimum of $199.

What’s in it for you?

Many companies offer a guarantee to return in the event of a recurring spot that they’ve charged to remove, but don’t have any kind of warranty that covers you for those lovely moments when “life” just happens; so you might ask, why do we do this? Better yet, you might ask, why do we do this for no profit? Well, the answer is straightforward and simple; just like our pricing structure. We provide this at cost service to display our confidence that once you’ve used our service you’ll be back for many years to come.

Here’s how it works:

Now that you’re a client here at Helix, you can take advantage of our 12-month follow-up program for a quick clean up of those traffic areas or any accidents that have happened since your Deep or Restoration Cleaning. With a base order of only $55 + $5/area you can have as little as one spot taken care of -or- up to all of the areas serviced on your last full-service cleaning.

Here are the requirements:

1. This service is offered as a customer appreciation incentive. For this visit, we do require that you pre-vacuum any area in which you need cleaning.

2. This is an “open area” only cleaning. We will only clean around any and all items; please move any furniture you wish to move prior to our arrival.

3. This service is scheduled between our full-service cleanings. We will make all efforts to be as convenient and flexible with your schedule as possible.

4. Only areas that were originally cleaned are eligible for our Pristine Clean Warranty. We operate on an honor system and appreciate your honesty.

*Additional fee for pre-vacuuming and/or furniture moving is applicable if needed. Warranty is only applicable to the rooms cleaned on the initial full-service cleaning. Staircases are considered an individual full-price cost on each visit. Additional rooms may be added at the current rate. Add-on rooms at the current rate will hold the same warranty as the expiration of the initial full-service cleaning. Carpet must be clear of objects and pre-vacuumed prior to technicians arrival. Service area includes a 20-mile radius from zip code 75041. Additional trip fees may apply towards areas outside of our 20-mile radius. Please call directly for more details.

This warranty does NOT include:

  • Pet urine, feces or vomit treatments
  • Dirty and/or worn “traffic lanes” that will not come clean
  • Oil-based stains
  • Paint or otherwise permanent stains
  • Excessive spills or stain damage
  • Flooding damage or remediation work

How to use the Pristine Clean program

  1. Take immediate action. Blot up as much of the spill as you can. (Call us anytime for free over-the-phone advice.)
  2. Follow the instructions on your FREE Spot Out bottle we left after cleaning your carpets. (Test the Spot Out first in a closet.) After removing the spot leave several thicknesses of white toweling on your carpet with a heavyweight item on top to absorb the rest of the material; books work well. (You may need to change out the towel several times.)
    NOTE: Please do NOT use any other type of carpet spotter other than the “Spot Out” we provide. Doing so may cause further damage and more costly repairs. (For a free replacement bottle of Spot Out simply request a refill on your next booking.)
  3. IF you still can’t remove the spill with your Spot Out (the vast majority of spots will come out easily!) then just call us to schedule your Pristine Clean visit. We will send a technician out as soon as possible – and best of all, as you now know, we do this at cost! If our technicians go above and beyond a small gratuity is always welcome.

Special Note: This warranty does NOT guarantee spot removal since some spills may be permanent stains. However, all professional efforts will be used on your “Covered Areas” to restore your carpet.

That’s it! Like a team of worker bees, we’ll have your carpets right as rain in no time.

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